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This type of finish was originally developed for marine uses but has become popular among woodworkers and DIYers as an alternative to Polyurethane. Read on to learn more about the differences, the characteristics and pros & cons of Spar Urethane vs. Polyurethane. I believe after lots of looking it is made of Honduran rosewood feathers in the center and burl on the outside. I have tried to coat it with a shellac sealer with three coats of sprayed lacquer over it.

This is probably due to its thin consistency and its extra waterproofing. A more durable coating allows you to use thinner coats, which makes the product last a little longer. I like this finish because it offers a great mix of durability and beauty. Even by the standards of an oil-based finish, this one produces a very high shine. There is just no comparison between a coating like this and the relatively dull finish provided by a water-based coating. It gives a look that is both classic and modern at the same time.

Instructions For Wood Preparation

But the finish you like best may not be the best one for your project, depending on its style and use. UV light can be particularly damaging to exposed wood. Epoxy products can also be used, yet they may not offer the same flexibility of movement as the spar urethane has, which could mean it may crack if the wood moves. I also can’t help but notice that this stuff doesn’t dry very quickly. It takes up to eight hours between each coating, and that will probably create some delays.

minwax vs varathane spar urethane

They both seal and a shine to wood but there are pros and cons for each product. Three coats of poly are usually needed to give projects the proper amount of protection. The first coat or base coat of polyurethane should be thinned.

Spar Urethane Vs Spar Varnish Vs Polyurethane

I had no delamation of any surface areas, no soft spots that peeled with the fingernail, and no discoloration of the thread wraps. Although my test was for only a month, of outside exposure to New Mexico’s sun, wind, rain, snow and hail. With temperatures from below freezing to over 80 degrees, indicates the utility of new wood products available to us in todays market. My sample strip is as color bright as the day it was set outside. I’ll put the test strip back outside at the bird feeder area, and will let it stay for the rest of the year. Looking to protect an outdoor potting table kit that I’ll be assembling.

minwax vs varathane spar urethane

There is no contest on the durability between the 2 options. Water based polyurethane has lower VOC’s – which is a bit of an environmental benefit – but because it has lower VOC’s , it doesn’t last as long. Water based poly is thinner, and you often need 4-5 coats to equal the durability of 3 coats of oil based. When I did the interior of my house in poplar and birch, I used both water based urethane and oil based. The oil based brought out the grain structure very nicely, but the water based was very flat looking.

Is Spar Varnish Oil Based?

There are many more colors Minwax offers, but each one offers a unique look and added character to the wood surface. You will need to pour through their products to select one that’s the best for your circumstance. In this article, we will take you through both of these products and explain which situation is best for which one.

The Best Wood Stain Options for DIYers –

The Best Wood Stain Options for DIYers.

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When it comes to durability, Varathane outperforms Minwax. Most of their line includes oil-based products, which handle high temperatures and protect better than water-based products do. Both Minwax and Varathane offer a wide selection of oil and water-based polyurethane, though Minwax’s polyshades are only available in oil-based versions. If you’re new to wooden finishes, it’s vital to note that these products are available in either oil-based or water-based versions.

And I couldn’t agree more with your logic about using a high quality varnish finish. Did the article help you understand and learn more about both polyurethane and spar urethane? Share your project and insights with us in the comments section and help your fellow craftsmen understand these compounds.

minwax vs varathane spar urethane

This is used to enhance the natural beauty of your wooden furniture, doors, or floors to bring out the colors and grains. This is an oxygen-crosslinking polyurethane that has a waterborne formula making it easy to use and durable. Spar urethane can be applied to the wood using a natural bristle brush to seal the wood. Just like with the spar varnish, you should apply the urethane in a clean and dust-free environment and ensure that you clean and smooth down your boat first.

Wood & Lumber

On the other hand, polyurethane should be sprayed after you finish the surface. It is also a better choice that will stand up with substances such as alcohol. On the other hand, spar urethane is stronger of the two, and it will coat square feet per gallon, while polyurethane will stick with more problem on the surfaces. Water-based and oil-based polyurethane each offer good protection; the biggest difference is in appearance. Polyurethane is actually the most durable hardwood floor finish.

Construct a divider wall inside box with a small fan taped to a fitted opening. Naturally,a woodworker can build a nicer set up but I want to keep the in reach of an appartment balconey workshop. Wear clean clothing that isn’t shedding lint and dust. A pair of disposable paper coveralls will last a hobbiest for years.

Polycrylic Application Process:

Poly is attacked by the UV in sunlight and will have rapid deterioration. Spar varnish is perfect for outdoor projects and for raw wood used for exterior doors and trim on rustic homes. In addition to protecting the wood, it also provides natural ultraviolet light protection. Spar varnish is often used on items that will be near or on the water, like a wood boat, decks, beach chairs, etc. The attached photo is my year old outdoor patio table that I finished with 3 coats of this water based urethane. This polyurethane has an attractive gloss finish that can really improve the appearance and value of wood by highlighting its natural beauty.

For instance, Varathane wood stain ranges between $10.30- $16.30, while a can of Minwax costs $7.98. Varathane products use very little time to dry as compared to the Minwax products which take longer. On the other hand, Minwax products require one to apply several layers of coating to get the color required. To achieve the desired color, Varathane products only require a single coating, since they are thick and of good quality. This refers to how deep these products go into the wooden surface.

Cnc Woodworking

Helmsman® also contains special oils that allow it to expand and contract with seasonal temperatures changes. Vapors will accumulate readily and may ignite explosively. Keep area ventilated during use and until all vapors are gone. DO NOT SMOKE – Extinguish all flames, pilot lights and heaters -Turn off stoves, electric tools and appliances, and any other sources of ignition.

  • Often used to finish hardwood floors, the newerwater-based oil-modified polyurethanelends a more robust level of protection than traditional water-based poly.
  • A word of caution, the oil base must be dry or it will lift.
  • So if you need UV protection, you might want to head to boat shop….
  • If you fail to wipe off excess layers of polyshades, it may cause a mess and you might have to scrap off the whole surface and start over.
  • This refers to how long the wooden object remains in good shape and appearance when covered in stain, finishing wax or polyshades.
  • Polyurethane varnish does not present any known hazard.

But many believe that tung oil is actually better for outdoor use. After all, a higher quality oil should equate to a higher quality varnish, and thus a higher price tag. As a result, many of the high-end marine varnishes will be made with tung oil instead of linseed oil.

The Why & How Of Woodworking

If your finish were only oil, then you’d have a very slow drying and soft finish that penetrates deep within the wood. Using oils alone is an option, but it takes many coats to build up a thick enough coat to protect the wood. Higher oil content is one of the markers of a good spar varnish.

minwax vs varathane spar urethane

We sell these things for $200+ and this is not a good thing. If that’s the case, I would just start applying your oil/varnish blend. Now if for some reason there is already poly on the door, the oil/varnish blend might not be the best option, because the wood is already sealed. Once that happens, the oil in your minwax vs varathane spar urethane oil/varnish mix tends to stay tacky forever. So if you are coating over top of poly, I would sand the surface thoroughly to rough it up, then apply coats of the varnish/turp mix . Exterior woods require more durable and resilient finishes, like the ones lacquer, paint, varnish, and polyurethane provide.

Stain from the same brain works really well, did I lot of project with it before. I need the 1 pint size because I only use a little at a time, and the 1 quart size starts drying out before I can use all of it. There are a lot of links on this site to information or products I have personally found helpful. Most products are something I use or have used and heartily recommend.

minwax vs varathane spar urethane


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